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Mac’s Facts Number 79
NAM-POWs that served as Ambassadors and Attachés
Last Updated:  28 April 2009

This is a listing of all Vietnam POWs that served as Ambassadors or military Attachés.



Phillip W. Manhard (Civilian) - Ambassador to Mauritius 1974-1976

Col Douglas B. Peterson, USAF - Ambassador to Vietnam 1997-2001


Military Attachés:

CDR Alfred H. Agnew, USN - Defense and Naval Attaché to Sri Lanka 1978-1980

CAPT Cole Black, USN - Naval Attaché to Mexico 1982-1985

Col Kenneth W. Cordier, USAF - Air Attaché to the United Kingdom 1982-1985

Col Robert R. Craner, USAF - Air Attaché to Bulgaria ?-?, Hungary ?-?, Selected for service as Air Attaché to Honduras at time of death

Col Donald L. Heiliger, USAF - Air Attaché to Uruguay 1976-1978, Air Attaché to Chile 1978-1979, Air Attaché to Israel 1982-1983, Defense Attaché and Air Attaché to Israel 1983-1985

CAPT J. Michael McGrath, USN - Naval Attaché to Ecuador 1983-1986

Brig Gen Jon A. Reynolds, USAF - Air Attaché to China 1984-1986, Defense Attaché to China 1986-1988, Assistant Deputy Director for Attachés, Defense Intelligence Agency 1989-1990



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