1 February 2014:

I have officially taken over the Navy SEAL Memorials web site

The Navy SEAL Memorials web site (Navy SEAL Memorials) pays tribute all of the Navy SEALs, Navy Underwater Demolitions Team members, and predecessor groups going back to the beginning of World War II.

9 July 2012:

Veteran Tributes has switched to new servers

The Veteran Tributes web site has successfully moved to new servers, which should allow for greater expansion of the number of tributes I am able to create in the future. The site should also be more robust, with less downtime. While the web address itself remains the same (, the individual tribute pages now have a slightly different address, so if you had a page bookmarked from the old site, that link will have to be updated.

10 April 2007:

The Veteran Tributes website is finally here!

This has been a vision for the better part of 2 decades and it is nice to finally be able to have a place to pay tribute to all of the U.S. Military personnel that have protected this nation for the last 237 years. I will be taking requests for tributes at

Please visit the Request a Tribute tab to see what information I need in order to build a tribute.


Contact Veteran Tributes at